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November 14, 2015 -- No, this is not a hoax.

WTAE in Pittsburgh is reporting that unruly kindergartners attacked 11 teachers this year alone at Edgewood Primary school.

"The assaults involved biting, scratching, throwing chairs and using school supplies as weapons, teachers union president Adam Forgie said," according to one news report.

One tot pulled the school's fire alarm while another placed its hands on a teacher's neck this week.

Four teachers and a librarian have resigned the school since September.

According to Wikipedia the Woodland Hills School District is comprised of 60% non-Hispanic blacks, 39% non-Hispanic whites, and 1% Hispanics.

Parents are forced under penalty of law to subject their children to such violence which we consider child abuse.

• It is our opinion that government school teachers should be required to teach in urban schools such as Edgewood Primary as a prerequisite to obtaining a teaching certificates. The immersion into reality would deprogram the minds of teachers infected with the cultural Marxism 'white privilege' virus.

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Thursday’s incidents follow grievances filed Oct. 29 by 11 teachers who said they had been assaulted by students at the school, which houses 455 students in grades K-3. The assaults involved biting, scratching, throwing chairs and using school supplies as weapons, teachers union president Adam Forgie said.

As a result, principal Reginald Hickman was placed on administrative leave last week and replaced by Licia Lentz, who had been district curriculum coordinator.

On Wednesday, the Woodland Hills school board approved the hiring of three additional special education paraprofessionals to work with students at Edgewood.

The board also approved posting an opening for an additional kindergarten and second-grade teacher and a long-term substitute third-grade teacher. Also, a special education paraprofessional and two second-grade teachers were recalled from furloughed positions to work at the primary school.

Since September, four teachers and a librarian have resigned at Edgewood, according to school board meeting minutes.

Also on Wednesday, a dean of students was hired for the secondary campus, which houses grades 7-12. The number of fights at the school has risen due in part to the consolidation of the middle and high schools.

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  1. and of course all these tot's are black as coal.