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November 9, 2015 -- The most frequently used racial slurs are the 'n' word and the 'r' word.

It is the latter that has the University of Missouri in turmoil. A cloud of animosity has shrouded the institution in mistrust, shame, guilt and concessions.

Taking advantage of pathological altruism among white people and  their propensity for guilt, anti-white racism is running rampant at the school.

• A common ploy of the black-on-white hate movement is to create a false pretense of black victimhood, claim the offenses are long-standing and deeply rooted, then demand reparations in the form of concessions.

At the University of Missouri one of the repatriational concessions is the demand for the resignation of the school's white president, Tim Wolfe. The president caved in and resigned. Missouri's governor praised the concession as "needed."

• Reparational demands of atonement for imagined white racism include “funding, resources, and personnel for the social justices centers on campus.” That haters are demanding that ten percent of campus jobs be reserved for Africans in America. Qualification, including content of character, are not applicable; only color of skin.

The college president is to  “acknowledge his white male privilege” and “recognize that systems of oppression exist.”  Recall the brief 'we're sorry' scene in the animated cultural Marxist advocacy flick Home?

• It's akin to a schoolyard bully falsely accusing his victims of beating him. The victims are overwhelmed by guilt and emotionally devastated by the false accusations. To escape the emotional trauma, the victims accept the role of aggressors and make concessions, admitting to offenses they either did not commit, are greatly exaggerated, or were acts of self defense.

It's also akin to the Stockholm syndrome in which victims emotionally adjust through unwarranted condescension.

• One black student has declared a hunger strike. The media are complicit in the scam by excessive reporting and hand wringing. The alleged offenses that prompted the hunger strike are never clearly articulated. The media merely suggests that white students were overheard using racial slurs. Evidence of the offense -- if it occurred -- is not forthcoming.

In the end the haters will win their reparational concessions and the scam will continue elsewhere.

Americans need to recognize such racially-charged hate for what it is: A shakedown.

The only solution to prevent future attacks is to resist playing the role of racist while demanding that black Americans accept the realization that they are privileged to dwell in the most advance culture in world history.

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  1. The shakedown worked. University President Tim Wolfe has resigned.

  2. people of missouri stop apologizing to this predator race! they are THE problem.low IQ and violent controlled by a bigger nose behind the curtain.

  3. CNN was showing this black guy, after Wolfe resigned, with a new list of "nonnegotiable" demands. When they realized how bad he sounded they cut to the guy who supposedly didn't eat for 5 days, but seemed in quite good shape. That guy was much smoother and more insidious.

  4. The University of Missouri is now run by 30 Missou football players, whose collective IQ does not add up to that of former campus President Tim Wolfe. I tell ya, Mike Judge's "Idiocracy" is looking more and more prophetic with each passing day.