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November 16, 2015 -- "Shut up, or we'll belt you in the mouth."

That appears to be the philosophy driving compassionate and progressive liberals at the University of Missouri.

When preacher Jesse Morrell  had to audacity to speak out in opposition to the campus hate movement, he was slugged in the mouth.

Morrell says he voice an opinion regarding Michael Brown, the unarmed gentle giant who was shot dead after he robbed a convenient store, attacked its owner, then assaulted a police officer while attempting to grab the cop's gun.

Extreme left-wing ideologues who like to pretend they are progressive and liberal want to make hate speech illegal in the United States in defiance of the First Amendment. Hate speech would be practically defined as the expression of any perspective different from that held by extreme left-wing idealogues.

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A Christian preacher has claimed he was punched in the mouth by anti-racism activists at the recently-troubled University of Missouri (Mizzou) after he voiced opinions on the 2014 shooting of Michael Brown.

As part of his coverage of the ongoing race row protests at the university, reporter and anchor with the Mizzou-owned KOMU News, Mark Kim, took to Twitter to post a series of photos and videos of open-air preacher Jesse Morrell speaking out about African-American issues at a spot known at Speaker’s Circle.

Speaking of the fatal shooting of Brown in Ferguson - also in Missouri - in August last year, Morrell told Kim he was assaulted because he said Michael Brown died for ‘disrespecting the police’. He added: “ I got popped in the mouth a few times. Other students kind of pulled this guy away. He was, you know, a guy with dreadlocks, a black guy.”

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