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November 30, 2015 -- The place where police are needed the most is where they go the least.

Melenbeek is a run-down habitat in Brussels, Belgium that has been colonized by Islam.  With few exceptions, police don't step foot inside the district.

One of the rare exceptions was shortly after the latest terrorist attacks in Paris. Police swooped into the area with Hollywood-production precision to make arrests "arrived in force, with a phalanx of cars, backed by the bomb squad, sniffer dogs, and the national gas company. For Anas, a 13-year-old, it was a spectacular sight."

A recent investigation proved the area has been deprived of minimal police protection. Police, of course, are being blamed. Their cultural insensitivity to Islam is creating and ever-widening gap.

Note the members of the commission making the report won't go near the place.

Oddly, there are places in the United States that are considered 'no go zones.' Police don't bother to patrol vast swaths of highly populated areas -- not because of violence -- but because the people who populate the areas aren't engaged in criminal activity, rendering the police with little to do beyond dunk donuts and pass out traffic tickets.

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