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November 18, 2015 -- Kayden Coleman of Philadelphia is 21 weeks pregnant.

The Mirror explains:
Kayden was stunned when he first realised his growing belly was not the result of a lack of exercise, but a baby. With a broad smile, the 29-year-old explains: “I never thought about getting pregnant. ... It was ­definitely a surprise.”
Before you consign the story to the hoax file -- or trash bin -- take note that Coleman was born a female, still possesses xx chromosomes (and always will) and, were it not for surgery and five years of hormone jabs, would have neither facial hair nor a low voice. nor the other stuff.

To the predatory left that targets traditional families for extension, he is a she even though she actually is a she and always will be a she.

The pot belly confirms it.

The next question is: Through which orifice will the baby emerge?

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  1. 21 months pregnant?

  2. Pitiful. That thing has no idea how totally disgusting it really is.

  3. I don't get it: she was a woman and she wanted to become a man. She took drugs and did surgeries. But if she is now a "man", why did she has sex with a man and not a woman? If she prefers still to be with a man, why did she wants to become a man? Yup: completely insane. Poor baby (the one who will get born.)