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November 20, 2015 -- While the media is busy condemning patriots in Spotsylvania, Virginia as "bigots" for opposing a new mosque, it's ignoring the horror faced by victims of the Islamic terror attack in Paris.

One British newspaper -- The Mirror -- bothered to deliver the gory details.

As victims at the concert hall lay in agony on the floor, the Muslims slit their stomachs.

Witnesses told of hearing the horrific screams as victims were slashed, long after the gunfire had ceased.

Islam is the world's oldest, largest, and deadliest hate group. Islam has committed over 27,000 acts of terror since 9-11-2001.

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ISIS gunmen used knives to torture their mortally wounded victims by slitting their stomachs as they lay on the floor, it has been claimed.

An eyewitness who hid in a cellar for three hours as the armed murderers rampaged through the packed Bataclan Theatre in Paris said she knew people were being tortured because she could hear their screams.

Mariesha Payne, from Perthshire, told the Daily Mail: "We knew people were being tortured in the theatre because we heard people screaming, but they were not being shot and these were singular screams.

The pair cheated death by turning right into a cellar instead of left where a gunman was picking off victims.

They then barricaded themselves in with two Italian men and sat silently listening to the screams as the gunmen massacred 89 people just above their heads.

Mrs Payne thought she would never see her two young children again when she saw the bullets hitting the stage during Friday's fateful gig.

She shouted "it's gunfire. Run, get out of here" grabbed her friend Mrs Tudhope and ran towards a fire escape. But they hit a dead end, meaning the only place to hide was the cellar.

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  1. Our media, which is probably your media too, couldn't even bring themselves to mention the terrorists yelled "Allahu Akbar", but they left in the "this is for Syria" quote though, probably because it feeds into the guilt/refugee aspect of the current psy ops campaign.
    Something the psychopaths who control us worked out, is because most people are in essence decent, when you show us an emotion imagine or footage of say a person crying, that the typical human response is to immediately emphasize with that person and to mirror their tears.
    Which is why we only ever get to see woman, children(dead is better) and engineers "who only want a better life for themselves".
    We are never shown the images of the children our leaders indirectly kill or our allies human slaughter houses. Its really up to the individual to look behind the curtain, if they dare.