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November 5, 2015 -- Authorities claim a July 4 attack at a transit station in Cincinnati was not racially motivated.

The attack was captured by a cell phone video device.

If you find this video shocking, it is evident that your mind has been infected by the cultural Marxism virus acquired by exposure to the mainstream Marxist media, Hollywood film productions, and gov't education system.

A white Hoosier was attacked by savages at a train station in Cincinnati.

Authorities concluded this week the attack was not racially motivated. Now, watch the video again and imagine savage white Hoosiers attacking an innocent black bystander at an urban transit station. Such never happens, of course -- at least outside Hollywood, Calif. -- so you must use your imagination.

If you conclude a white mob attacking a black male without provocation would be racist, then you must conclude the savagery in this video was a racist hate crime.

The victim was identified as Christopher McKnight, 27, from Indiana.

Why do we post these videos? Because the antidote for the cultural Marxism virus is reality. You will not find the antidote on television, the mainstream Marxist media, or gov't education venues.

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Christopher McKnight, 27, from Indiana, was beaten up at Government Square in Cincinnati Saturday night

Bloodied victim suffered serious injuries but was later released from hospital

Two videos emerged on Facebook showing the fight and its gruesome aftermath

Bystander who captured brawl wrote on Facebook McKnight may have been attacked for bumping into a 'black dude' while trying to board bus

A white Cincinnati police officer filed incident report describing attack on McKnight as 'anti-white'

Police officials later slammed the report as incorrect and denied the fight was race-related

Two Cincinnati cops responding to unruly behavior suffered facial injuries

Violence broke out at Fountain Square in a crowd of 3,000 after a baseball game and a hip hop concert let out Saturday night

Police officers were forced to don riot gear to clear the square

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