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November 2, 2015 -- Islamic insurgents took to the streets in Vercelli, Italy to protest not having free Internet service.

The protesters blocked the road in from of the Kindergarten Rainbow where they are being housed at taxpayer expense. They are apparently displacing little children.

The protest lasted about two hours and required police presence.

They insurgents are from Nigeria, Ghana and Afghanistan.

They also said they want more food and clothes.

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  1. If u most know its not about the food, or clothes, because, they have been used in with the kind of rubbish food they do bring for them to eat, or talking about clothe, none have been brought ever before, even as we emarge this winter season, not even a blanket or sweat shirt has been brought to them, not to talk about the heat, because there is no heat in where they stay. So the real cause of the protest was that they have refuse of their residental document, which they went to the italia communion, and they were told that the boss in charge of them have refuse to sign.. so that was what really happen,