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November 12, 2015 -- Having imagined Klansters roaming the campus of Missouri State University, the extreme left-wing hate group Concerned Students 1950 has taken another step into the past: They racially segregated.

The group cancelled a protest, ostensibly due to bad weather, then asked white students to leave.

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'safe spaces'explained
The remaining non-white protesters assembled themselves in a “black-only healing space” at the university's student center where they flipped on electric lights invented by white people, warmed themselves with central heating invented by white people, wore clothing from fabric and fibers invented by white people, spoke in a Europeans language, sheltered themselves in a building constructed with Western technology, and ate food processed with Western technology.

We suggest that if black students truly wish to isolate themselves from white influence, they remove themselves to a wilderness area, construct grass huts, eat off the land, and warm themselves with campfires.

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