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November 30, 2015 -- That roar you hear in the background is Air Force One burning fossil fuel as it prepares to fly to Paris where Obama's ecology guru will talk about "climate change," i.e., "global warming."

Among the irrational nonsense spouted by Paul Bodnar of the "president's climate team" we hear:

 'Paris is the culmination of years of negotiation leading up to a new global climate agreement.'

Let's translate.

"The president is wasting fossil fuels and tax dollars to pretend free-market capitalism is causing a nonexistent phenomenon dubbed "climate change" (a rebranding of "global warming" after it was proven the globe wasn't warming.)

It's an excuse to stifle free markets in Western nation's in a pathetic effort to narrow the economic disparity that exists between productive Western nations and non-productive Third World nations.

"It's a chance for the world to take a big step forward in as we work on a long term solution to this major global challenge," explains Bodnar.

There is no substance whatsoever in that statement.

What is the big step? What work is being done? How long is 'long term'? Until free markets are smashed? What is the major global challenge? Got data? Is there a new hole in the ozone layer?

"We've already seen tremendous progress going into Paris," he notes.

'Progress' as defined by 'progressives' is moving towards economic and cultural Marxism.


I wonder if turning off the engines of Air Force One would be part of the target in bending down the global emissions curve to which Bodnar refers?

"Those targets are not enough," he says.

They will never be "enough".

As long as there are free markets, the lunatic left will continue to blame fantasies such as global warming, er, uh, 'climate change' and racism.

What is the long-term framework of which Bodnar speaks?

The 'progressives' plan to proceed with their hoax for decades, he says.

Could it be the fossil fuel fumes are affecting his thinking? Their thinking?

The big change will be "transparent."

That's code for "nonexistent."

Paris will provide a "signal" to Third-world nations; nations that fail to contribute to the world's economy. Those nations can depend on global Marxism to redistribute wealth.

What is the meaning of 'climate resilient'?

Who wrote this crap?

Please report typos...

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