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November 19, 2015 -- The predatory left doesn't want you thinking of Muslims as terrorists.

"Impossible," you say?.

The same media influence that compelled Western nations to embrace homosexuality can also convince us to embrace Islam.

How so?

The predatory left encourages Muslims to rally against terrorism. The objective is to convince us that Islam and terrorism are not synonymous.

A Trumpophobe wears an American flag hijab on Fox News
The media use a reverse strategy by convincing us that all patriots and nationalists are neo-Nazis.

If you happen to see a Muslim wearing a red-white-and-blue hijab at a rally against terrorism, don't be fooled. Granted there are moderate Muslims; there is no moderate Islam.

Islam is, in fact, the world's oldest, largest, and most violent hate group.

Now, imagine the media outrage were a Klanster to show up at an anti-racism rally wearing a red-white-and-blue robe and hood.

One such rally was held in Columbus, Indiana this week.

None can be faulted for opposing terrorism. But were the sentiments genuine? Or a deceptive stunt?

Columbus has become a multi-national, multi-cultural globalist city in recent years and Cummins Engine Company imports foreign workers. Oddly, the company recently announced it would layoff about 2,000 white-collar employees due to financial restraints.

Cummins' headquarters is located in the city.

• Global Marxism is a concept that envisions an absence of regional economic disparities. Western nations would prosper the same as Third-world nations.

Obstructing the path to globalization are nations. Global economic parity will only be achieved when nations become obsolete. To achieve that end Marxism strive to convince us to think globally; to perceive ourselves as an international community. We are also expected to despise nationalists as Nazis.

• Multiculturalism is not intrinsically wrong. Globalism, however, forces it upon us then leverages it to as means to eradicate nations.

Islamic terrorism serves as a reminder than unrestrained migration -- an essential element of globalization -- is often detrimental. To globalists, however, Islamic terror attacks are rough spots to be smoothed over.

When Muslims rally for world peace and pretend to oppose terrorism,, they are injecting the notion into our minds that Islam is not something to be feared, but is often our companion is fighting terrorism.

It's deception, plain and simple.

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Image credit: WISH-TV

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