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November 18, 2015 -- A French magazine for children explained terrorism, but omitted any mention of Islam or Muslims.

Rather, the magazine gives Islam -- the world's deadliest hate group -- a pass by referencing 'ultra-violent people' who kill 'at random'.

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  1. That's it. Keep ignoring reality. What will you do when this happens again? We're afraid to name our enemies and this gives them a great advantage.

  2. I have a boy and a girl aged 8 and 9, and although visible minorities, specifically brown/blacks are about 15% of my countries population (less than 0.5% African too). Every second book they bring home has a Nordic looking girl running around with a brown/black boy.
    When we were shopping for schools, I remember visiting one upper middle class public school that was full of wholesome looking blond kids running around.
    But when we were given the tour, in the main classroom they had a huge displays of MLK, Obama and Nelson Mandela, and the very effeminate white male principle (who I was surprised to hear reference his own wife and kids), was bragging about how they had just hosted a African dance group the day before.
    What I despise is if I brought up my own conservative views in relation to kids learning, people would argue to separate politics from kids, but when pro Commie leftists do it, its fine apparently.