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November 30, 2015 -- Donald Trump's staunch stance on illegal immigration and Islamic insurgency has kept him at the head of the Republican pack of presidential contenders.

Ben Carson seems to be catching on and catching up.

Carson has taken a turn for the worse -- from the perspective of the predatory left, that is -- by presuming that Islamic nations should bear the brunt of absorbing Syrian refugees.

Carson made the observation while touring Jordan.

Whether or not Carson is sincere is yet to be seen.

Indeed, Islamic nations should assume responsibility for Islamic refugees. Beside the pragmatic of geographic proximity is the culture. Syrians fleeing whatever Syrians are fleeing should feel at home in nations where minarets blast morning prayers at decibels well attuned to Muslim ears, where pooping where you stand as the urge arises is perfectly acceptable, and where tossing homosexual from atop tall buildings is already ingrained in the local convention.

Syrians who settle in Islamic nations will not find themselves bothered by mugging beer chuggers at the local park, beating the holy crap out of women who don't veil their faces, or force native school girls to wear dresses down to their ankles. Such is already part of the norm.

What's more, they won't have to press one for English (or German or Dutch or French), depending on their destination.

The conclusion?

The only conceivable reasons to allow Syrians to settle in the United States is to bolster the vote for the Democrats and make up for the recent slack in migration from Latin America and Somalia.

So maybe Ben Carson gets it.

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