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November 17, 2015 -- Today's hero -- according to the mainstream globalist media -- is a young commuter who came to the rescue of an Islamic woman who was the target of free speech.

The Daily Mail, a British newspaper, lauded the young man named Ashley Powys for taking up for the Muslim.

It's a real-life page from ABC's What Would You Do? program, except the scenario wasn't staged.

The lesson we are to learn: Be nice to members of hate groups. They are, after all, the real victims here.

Such sentiments apply only to women lurking about in hijabs. Were the same woman wearing a white sheet and silly pointy hat the media would praise those abusing her and condemning the hero for encouraging hate.

The Daily Mail insisted the woman "was subjected to horrific racist abuse" when another passenger lashed out against Islamic terrorism.

It is a guilt play, plain and simple.

Sad to say, many Westerners identify with Powys and emulate his heroism, but have no compassion whatsoever for the hundreds of girls in Rotherham, England who were exploited and raped by Islamic men.

BBC reported, "The inquiry team found examples of  'children who had been doused in petrol and threatened with being set alight, threatened with guns, made to witness brutally violent rapes and threatened they would be next if they told anyone'".

But a woman who belongs to the hate group that committed those atrocities and other acts of 'horrific abuse' against British children is to be -- by all means -- protected.

In our opinion Powys should be recognized for nothing less than aiding and abetting the enemy.

Oddly -- and hypocritically -- the media don't notice when women wearing hijabs are subjected to horrific emotional and physical abuse by their Muslim husbands. The media have no qualms with nine-year-old girls being forced into marriage and raped by men four or five times their age. The media turn a blind eye when Islamic girls are strapped with bomb-laden belts and forced to walk into crowded markets where they are blown to bits along with scores of other Muslims, including women.

Here's a test: Ask two identical twins to ride the London Underground. One dressing in a Muslim jihab and the other in a Klanster sheet and hat. Take note of the response. Then take note that Islam has committed over 27,000 terrorist attacks since 9-11-2001 and the Klan has committed none.

Why is the predatory left so intent on protecting Islam; the world's oldest, largest, and deadliest hate group?

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  1. The media did the exact same trick, literally the day of the Sydney cafe Islamic gunman incident this year.
    The #illridewithyou hashtag campaign was instantly announced over a apparent racist incident against a burga wearing Muslim woman by an Ozzie redneck(no proof it happened). Presented like it was a nature backlash by decent Ozzies against racist Ozzies, what blew me away was how quickly they had this organised and how much air time they gave it, along with lots of footage of Anglo Ozzie men crying (for peace lost).
    There a Muslim woman behind it, but they made a pretty blonde the poster girl for the movement, as she reacted supposedly 'correctly' in a similar incident.
    Hack celebrities and politicians jumped on the band wagon of course.
    So they turn an act of Islamic terrorism into a validation of Islam, heading off the natural backlash.
    Now I see they're reusing the same trick in the States and UK using 'social (group think) media'.
    The noose tightens.

  2. Here is the story on the "correct thinking" blond I mentioned.
    Tell me how Islam would treat her if it got a grip on Australia.