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November 10, 2015 -- Who saw this coming?

We did!

We call it cultural thermodynamics.

Like dropping an ice cube in hot coffee, the water temperature lowers as the ice cube melts.

Dumping millions of Third World Islamic insurgents with average IQs well below 90 into Germany necessitates, from the pinheadian liberal perspective, a lowering of educational standards.

Federal Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière ( CDU ) made the proposal, insinuating that he was responding to the demands of teachers and parents.

What teachers? Which parents?

As we noted all along the end objective of the Islamic invasion of Western Europe is to remove the economic disparity between the West and the Third world. Because the disparity is genetically rooted in genetics the change would require a merging of the populations.

The outcome will be the Marxist model of economic equality and that translates into a new dark ages in which humanity will revert to a paleolithic existence living in perfect harmony with nature, a politically correct phrase meaning without the benefits of Western technology.

See Kenn's Law #00: Marxism prefer equality of life over quality of life.

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