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November 2, 2015 -- It's akin to Columbus, Indiana replacing Columbus Day with "Ethnic Expo."

Some schools in Dusseldorf, Germany plan to accommodate Islamic "refugees" by replacing St. Martin's Day celebrations with a "Festival of Lights."

The stated reason? The don't want to offend Muslims.

The real reason? Globalism is embarked upon a crusade against Western culture.

The schools are accommodating cultural genocide. It is an unprecedented holocaust of Western heritage.

The objective is to replace everything that reminds ethnic Europeans of their sense of history, identity, and culture.

• St. Martins Day has been celebrated throughout Western Europe for centuries. The Nov. 11th holiday is -- or was -- ingrained in Western culture.

St. Martin was a Roman solider who converted to Christianity and became a monk.

The saint personified Western altruism. He was considerate of children and gave aid and support to the poorest members of society.

The day commemorates both St. Martin's compassion and the time of harvest. The holiday originated in France and spread to other Western European nations.

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  1. when little indiana towns are excepting the pcvirus this is a very bad sign.