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November 5, 2015 -- George Stinney was executed at age 14 for the murder oftwo white girls in 1944. He was the youngest person to legally executed in the United States.

Apologists for black-on-white crime contend that Stinney was too young to commit such a heinous murder.

The notion has been disproved scores of times as the epidemic of young urban savages are documented by local media venues. The national mainstream Marxist media ignores these crimes. The simply don't fit the cultural Marxism narrative that blacks are the perennial victims of white oppression.

A recent victim was Tanya L. Chamberlain, a 43-year-old Missouri woman.

Reports say police followed a vehicle into an apartment complex lot believing the driver was intoxicated. The two young black males in the car fled. Upon investigation the police discovered the white woman's body in the passenger seat. She had been fatally stabbed.

Had this crime been white-on-black -- they never are -- the story would have commanded national media attention.

The crime occurred in Lee's Summit, Mo. Sunday, Nov. 1, 2015.

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  1. its the sos, the dindu's kill, rob, and rape 300 white people a week,it barely makes the local news and a negro resist or while committing a felony is world news and the topic for msm for ten years.

  2. It's obvious what the satanic liberal media are doing. It's pure devil worshipping

  3. Lee's Summit was where many whites went to flee the urban decay of Kansas City and it's fairly far away from the urban core. However, since I've been gone the past 15+ years, the negroes have apparently "diversified" the distant suburbs and whites are making rural areas like Grain Valley the new ring of suburbs with ever longer commutes on I-70 for the "white privilege" of living in safety, away from DIE-versity.