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November 19, 2015 -- The article published in The New York Times betrays the worries of the mainstream Marxist media as they fret over the rise of patriotism and it's apparent leader, Donald Trump.

Patriots are demonized as "far right", implying they are out of touch with the average European; extremists to be avoided.

The Times article portrayed patriots as those who have "capitalized on animosity to immigration and the perceived threat it."

Perceived threat? Were the recent attacks in Paris figments of imaginations conjured by extreme far-right politicos?

The media are convincing us that patriots are "lower class" and "uneducated".  They are losers to the reality of globalism and the insurgency of Islam to which the media apply the benign term, "immigration."

In the end the media will portray Trump as riding on a wave of irrational extreme, uneducated, low-class right-wingers who are not to be taken seriously.


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  1. Jesse Ventura said one of the first things that happened when he was voted in as the independent Governor of Minnesota, is that some federal spook types came and interviewed him and studied his campaign on how he bested the big party/big money candidates, as to aid in stopping it happening again. Democracy is a noble concept, but its been subverted and is now all but lost.