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November 6, 2015 -- The child of a 20-year-old Jacksonville dad will never know his father, thanks to two black thugs seen fleeing a murder scene.

Daniel Rowe was fatally shot twice in the head while taking out the trash at a restaurant where he worked to support his family.

The urban savages who allegedly shot Rowe -- taking his life and the father of a new-born baby -- apparently had no cognitive ability to empathize with those whose lives they had changed forever.

• Meanwhile the mainstream Marxist media continues to pummel our minds with nonsensical narratives in which white Americans -- like Rowe -- who work late-night hours to pay taxes to support welfare, pay for EBT cards, and underwrite government housing for those who kill us -- are somehow to blame due to our 'white privilege.'

• The mainstream Marxist media never reports that white savages murder young black fathers. The reason? Such crimes almost never occur.

Rather the predatory left concocts silly notion of white privilege, micro-aggressions, trans-generational trauma, disparate impact, etc., in an effort to create an illusory false reality that white racism is omnipresent and epidemic.

In reality white people have provided the innovation that has enhanced the lives of all humanity around the globe. Those who take note are promptly stigmatized as stereotypical white supremacists who are to be hated and excluded from society.

The crime was reported July 23, 2015.

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A memorial stands outside of The Blind Rabbit in Riverside, notes draping over the bicycle an employee used to get to work.

JSO and JFRD arrived at the restaurant near King and College Streets Wednesday night and found 20-year-old Daniel Rowe with life threatening injuries- he was shot twice in the head, according to police. Rowe was taken to the hospital, and has since died.

Right now police are searching for two suspects and the shooting appears to be random. JSO tells us the victim was taking out the trash at the time of this incident.

We spoke with Rowe's mother, Raelyn Rowe, who confirms he leaves behind two children and a pregnant fiancée.

"A random act is going to leave three kids without a father, one child that he'll never meet. And just for no reason," said Raelyn.

He was just about a week shy of his 21st birthday.


Right now, the only information they can provide is that a witness saw two black males fleeing from the scene.

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