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November 4, 2015 -- The state of Missouri had scheduled the execution of Ernest Lee Johnson yesterday.

Johnson is convicted of beating three people to death with a claw hammer during a robbery in 1994.

His defense argued that Johnson is an idiot (paraphrased) with an IQ of 63. The threshold generally set for clinical retardation is an IQ of 70 or lower.

The U.S. Supreme Court has put on hold.

• Apologists for violent black crime claim that offenders are the victims of white oppression that forces them to live in poverty and subjects them to a criminal lifestyle for survival. Innate attributes such as intelligence, they contend, are ruses concocted to cover white racism.

However, when that absurdity becomes evident those same apologists use inverse arguments, claiming violent black criminals are stupid and victims of savage home environments.

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Ernest Lee Johnson is scheduled to die on Tuesday for the 1994 killing of three convenience store workers in Missouri.

He would be the 26th person executed in the US this year and the seventh in Missouri. Only Texas, with 12, has performed more executions.

Johnson, 55, had most, but not all, of a benign brain tumor removed in 2008, and a recent MRI revealed up to 20% of his brain tissue was also removed. An appeal to the US supreme court claims the brain tumor and damage, combined with the execution drug, could cause a violent and painful seizure upon injection. A second appeal, to the Missouri supreme court, claims Johnson’s life should be spared because he is mentally disabled.

The Missouri attorney general’s office says both claims are without merit.

Johnson was convicted of three counts of first-degree murder for killing 46-year-old Mary Bratcher, 57-year-old Mable Scruggs and 58-year-old Fred Jones during a closing-time robbery of a Casey’s General Store in Columbia on 12 February 1994. Johnson wanted money to buy drugs, authorities said.

All three workers were beaten to death with a claw hammer, but Bratcher was also stabbed at least 10 times with a screwdriver and Jones was shot in the face. Johnson hid the bodies in a cooler.

He was arrested after police found a bank bag, stolen money and store receipts at Johnson’s home.

Johnson grew up in a troubled home and his attorney, Jeremy Weis, said his IQ was measured at 63 while still in elementary school.

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  1. of course their all idiots and promoted to the highest positions.