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November 23, 2015 -- Two individuals have been arrested for the murder of Amanda Blackburn.

Blackburn was executed earlier this month in her home by an apparent burglar.

Arrested are 18-year-old Larry Jo Taylor, Jr. and 21-year-old Jalen Watson.

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Two men have been charged in the murder of Amanda Blackburn, a pastor’s pregnant wife who was shot during a home invasion robbery on Nov. 10.

In a press conference Monday, Prosecutor Terry Curry announced 18-year-old Larry Jo Taylor, Jr. and 21-year-old Jalen Watson were charged with murder in connection with the investigation.

Sources confirmed to FOX59 early Monday morning the two men, and a possible third man, will also be charged in three additional burglaries, including a rape at the Westlake Apartments.

Taylor has been charged with felony murder, three counts of burglary, three counts of theft, robbery resulting in serious bodily injury, criminal confinement, auto theft and carrying a handgun without a license. Watson has been charged with murder, three counts of burglary, three counts of theft, robbery resulting in serious bodily injury and auto theft.

According to court documents, Taylor and Watson–as well as a third man–are accused of entering Blackburn’s home on the morning of Nov. 10 in addition to two other burglaries in the area.  Sources confirmed to FOX59 the third man is 24-year-old Diano Gordan, who is being held on a parole violation.

Taylor, who was previously taken into custody and released, was arrested again Sunday night at a relative’s home, according to police.

Authorities said the men referred to themselves as “The Kill Gang.”

The three men allegedly committed two burglaries before entering the Blackburn residence. Authorities said a car was stolen during the first burglary. The second burglary happened at a home near Blackburn’s home.  Detectives believe the men entered the Blackburn home through the front door, which was unlocked.

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  1. I read where her husband, a minister, has forgiven her murderers. If he does so it is his prerogative to do so, but I don't understand it. If she were my wife(and she was also pregnant) I would want retribution. I would want both of these thugs dead and I would be angry enough to kill them myself. Those are two black lives that don't matter to me at all. May Amanda Blackburn and her unborn child rest in peace.

  2. I'm surprised that they revealed the race of the perpetrators. What was revealed was not surprising.

  3. Another ape-rape and murder of a human....

    What I don't get is why anyone white who lives in the proximity of Butler U. would A) do so to begin with and B) ever not lock the doors and have guns in the house?

  4. Sure, the pastor can pray for the souls of these "men" assuming they have them.

    Then, they can be hung by the necks until dead.