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November 26, 2015 -- While black college students are pretending to be victims of racial discrimination across the nation, the family and friends of a white North Carolina man are mourning his loss.

Philip Eugene McLean, 45, was found fatally shot in his apartment this month.

Arrested for the crime is LaKeith Marshuan Lawrence, 20.

The crime occurred in Hickory, NC Nov. 19, 2015.

A comment posted on the web site was attributed to the victim's sister.

It reads:

That was my brother that Mr Laurence killed he took my brothers life he had no right he has ruined so many lives especially my brothers baby who he want ever have the chance to hold or kiss to be a father to nobody has the right to take another's life and I know GOD will handle you and the blood of my brother that will always be on his hands this is the third child my dad has had to bury and my third sibling I will pray you get the punishment that you deserve cause my whole family will forever carry this pain that you caused on us I'll be at every court date hearing and do all I can go make sure you never have life free you don't deserve life or freedom. We lay my brother to rest while you get to wake up each day talk to your family see your kids he dosent cause of you calluses selfish heartless no respect for life in compassionate self and your coward violent actions . this is why people know the meaning of pain,loss,hurt,suffering, cause of your actions I got to stop cause I'm scared of what I may say to you cause I'm to emotional over the life of a son a brother a husband and so much more you took from us for what why ? Why? How could you be so vain self-centered you are a monster and I am stopping now . it's to raw n fresh for me to write about my brother being murdered in cold blood by a cold blooded killer sincerely his sister Patricia McLean.

A Hickory man charged with shooting and killing a man Thursday afternoon made his first appearance in Catawba County Superior Court on Friday morning.

LaKeith Marshuan Lawrence, 20, of Hickory, was charged with one felony count of non-specified murder, according to an arrest report from the Hickory Police Department.

Lawrence is charged in connection with the death of Philip Eugene McLean, 45, who was found lying in an apartment complex with a gunshot wound in the 600 block of 17th Street Drive NW in Hickory on Thursday.

Officials attempted to perform CPR on McLean, but he was pronounced dead on the scene shortly after.

Lawrence fled on foot but was caught Thursday evening in a traffic stop and arrested without bond.

During his court appearance, District Court Judge Richard Holloway informed Lawrence that the max sentence he could receive could be death or life in prison.

Lawrence requested a court appointed attorney. His second appearance will be a probable cause hearing, scheduled for Dec. 11.

Lawrence’s provisional attorney, Victoria Jayne, said that neither Lawrence nor she had yet seen his official arrest warrant and it was unclear whether the case would be capital since the murder charge is currently unspecified.

Lawrence was convicted of felony attempted robbery in 2013 and also has previously been charged with misdemeanor counts of assault inflicting serious injury and possession of a schedule VI drug, according to the N.C. Department of Public Safety database.

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