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November 20, 2015 -- Some pundits are calling them "crybullies."

They are leftist college students who have nothing of substance worthy of a 1960s-style protests, so they concoct offenses -- virtually all centered on racism -- where none exists.

It's akin to stomping out a fire in the middle of a swimming pool.

Enter tiny Amherst College in Massachusetts.

A group called Amherst Uprising sponsored a cry-in at which "women of color" wept over imagined racial offenses. The protest would have petered out within an hour had it not been reinforced by college staff members desperate, we suppose, to expunge themselves of white guilt.

"What offenses?" You ask?

Among the most abhorrent displays of white insensitivities were posters declaring "All Lives Matter."


Then, again, there is the omnipresence of white privilege; the perennial offense that requires special esoteric insight to detect. Micro aggressions -- a relatively new neologism created by cultural Marxism -- are undoubtedly prevalent at Amherst.

• The lesson to be learned from the ongoing crybully college movement is that white racism will never be eradicated due to the reality that it is required for the predatory left to fuss.

We wonder when a college will erupt in gratitude for Western technology that provides students of all colors with electric lights, computers, iPhones, and Air Jordans? Imagine hordes of "students of color" marching across the nation's campuses bearing signs reading, "Thank you, White people!"

You'll have to imagine.

(In recent days an anonymous person or group has taken to creating White Student Union pages on Facebook. The fact that the pages are nearly identical in appearance suggests they are published off campus (and probably out of state) by a remote activist hoping to stir up indignation against the crybullies and the undue influence they demand. Enter the search term "white student union" on Facebook for more information.)

• Some ask why maintains a focus on race. The answer is quite simple: To counterbalance the predatory left's obsession with using racial contentions as leverage to affect public policy.

If one defines "racism" as disliking those of a different race, then this site is certainly not racist. However, if racism is defined as anything that offends the lunatic left, then we expect haters to attach the false label incessantly.

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