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November 17, 2015

DAILYKENN.com -- Nigel Farage says the minds of Muslims in Britain are divided between loyalty to their nation and loyalty to their faith.

27% of Muslims said they have sympathy for the motives behind the Charlie Hebdo terror attacks earlier this year.

That is, over one-fourth of Muslims in Britain are sympathetic to savage, barbaric terrorism.

A 2011 census reported there are more than 2.7 million Muslims living in Britain. The number of those sympathetic to terrorism is 729,000.

With a population of 64.1 million, we calculate that one of 88 citizens in Britain sympathize with Islamic terrorists. Considering many Muslims are living in Britain illegally, the ratio of terrorist sympathizers to British citizens is likely much lower; perhaps one of 50.

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How did THAT get inside your head?
Is Jim Gaffigan brainwashing you?
Indians? Or 'native Americans'?
The displacement of Europe

Some British Muslims are “conflicted in their loyalties” between the UK way of life and what some elements within their faith are telling them, Nigel Farage has said in a speech.

In an incendiary intervention in the wake of the Paris terror attacks, the Ukip leader said there must be a battle for hearts and minds within the Muslim population.

Farage said there was “a problem with some of the Muslim community in this country” and that research suggested that British Muslims experienced a “tremendous conflict and a split of loyalties”.

A senior Ukip source said Farage was referring to polling earlier this year that suggested more than 90% of Muslims approved of the British way of life, but 27% had sympathy for the motives behind the Charlie Hebdo terror attacks.

The same poll showed that 11% said that organisations that publish images of the prophet Muhammad deserve to be attacked, and 68% said that acts of violence against those who publish images of the prophet can never be justified.

“The thing that makes me angry about what happened in Paris is frankly the fact that it was so utterly and entirely predictable,” said Farage. “I think we’ve reached a point where we have to admit to ourselves, in Britain and France and much of the rest of Europe, that mass immigration and multicultural division has for now been a failure.”

Ukip claimed the speech was “the most important intervention from a mainstream politician in the UK on the subject of Syria and the UK’s security situation”.

Farage claimed that the European Union was “seriously imperilling our security” because of the risk of terrorists posing as migrants. Initial reports suggest one of the Paris terrorists had a passport belonging to a Syrian refugee.

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