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November 18, 2015

DAILYKENN.com -- A 67-year-old woman was arrested after showing a gun to a black male she believed intended to rob her.

Reports say Sherry McLain. was loading groceries in her car in a Walmart parking lot when she was approached by a black male demanding a light for a cigarette.

When McLain showed the alleged would-be attacker her revolver, he fled.

Police placed McLain in handcuffs and arrested her.

The incident occurred in Murfreesboro, Tenn. and was reported Nov. 9, 2015.

Violent criminals often "test" potential victims by asking for a light, directions, to use a cell phone, for the time, etc., before attacking them. Once criminologist compared the strategy to a shark bumping into its prey before attacking it to gauge its level of resistance.

Was the use of a handgun for self defense justified? Consider the following reports:

• Days later an elderly woman was killed after a Hispanic male snatched her purse at a Walmart parking lot in Covington, Ga. [source]

• Earlier this month a 61-year-old woman was dragged on the pavement about 20 feet when a gunman attempted to snatch the retired nurse's purse. The purse snagged, dislocating the victim's shoulder. The attackers were identified by gender but not by race. [source]

• In October, 2015, a female employee at a Walmart in Ohio was dragged by her hair by a gunman who was robbing the store. Reports say the victim was dragged after giving the attacker money from a cash drawer. [source]

• In October, 2015, a 73-year-old woman was handcuffed by police after she pulled a gun in an effort to stop a robbery at a Walmart in Chesterfield, Virg. [source]

• In October, 2015, a woman was robbed at gunpoint after withdrawing funds from an ATM at a Walmart in Bryant, Ark. The four suspects were profiled by age and gender. Three are males, one is a female, and all four are black. [source]

• In September, 2015, a woman was pulled to the pavement in an Oklahoma Walmart parking lot as a robber snatched her wallet. Police requested the public's assistance identifying the thief, but they offered no description other than noting he was a male. [source]

• In September, 2015, a 76-year-old woman was robbed in the parking lot of a Walmart in Toms River, NJ. Police identified two suspects as white males. [source]

• In August, 2015 a 29-year-old East Asian woman was robbed at gunpoint by two males as she was getting in her vehicle at a Walmart in Dallas, Tx. The report provided a gender profile of the attackers but not a racial profile. [source]

• In August, 2015 a 90-year-old woman was robbed in the parking lot of a North Fort Myers, Fla. Walmart. Reports profiled the suspect by gender (male), age (about 40), clothing (white t-shirt and plaid shorts), vehicle driven (silver hatchback), and height (about six-feet-tall); but not by race. Security camera images reveal the suspect is white. [source]

• In July, 2015 a 61-year-old white woman was robbed at a Walmart in Alabama. Suspects say the suspect pulled a gun on Shirley Dolman twice. The attacker was profiled by gender but not by race. [source]

• In July, 2015, a woman was robbed at gunpoint as she sat in her car in an Aiken, SC Walmart parking lot. The suspect was profiled by a photograph as a young black male. A cell phone and cash were stolen. [source]

• In July, 2015, a woman was robbed in broad daylight in an Ohio Walmart parking lot. Police found the woman assaulted and robbed. They profiled the suspect by gender and color of his vehicle, but not by race. [source]

• In June, 2015, a 51-year-old woman was kidnapped from a Tennessee Walmart parking lot and taken to an ATM where she was forced to withdraw cash. The attacker was profiled by gender but not by race. [source]

• In June, 2015 a woman was followed outside a San Diego, Calif. Walmart into the parking lot by two loud, boisterous women who robbed her. The attackers were identified by gender but not by race. [source]

• In May, 2015 a woman was robbed at gunpoint by a white male in a Walmart parking lot in Minnesota. [source]

• In May, 2015 a woman in Orange County, Fla was robbed at knife point as she held her two-year-old outside a Walmart. [source]

• In April, 2015 a woman was beaten by a mob of men and teens in a Walmart parking lot in Franklin, Wisc. The attack occurred as the 49-year-old victim was loading groceries into her vehicle. The suspects were profiled by age and gender, but not race. [source]

• In March, 2015 a 70-year-old black woman was robbed of $4,000 after cashing a tax refund check at a Walmart in Denver, Colo. .Reports say the woman was hit in the face. Two males were arrested; one appears to be Hispanic and the other appears to be white. [source]

• In March, 2015 a woman was robbed in a Walmart parking lot in Republic, Mo. Reports say the victim was dragged by a vehicle when her cellphone was stolen. The two attackers were not profiled by gender or by race. [source]

• In March, 2015, a 67-year-old woman was robbed while shopping at a Pompano Beach Fla. Walmart. Reports say two males who appear to be black snatched the woman's car keys while she was shopping, then stole her vehicle. [source]

• In January, 2015 a woman was in a Greensboro, NC Walmart parking lot by a man profiled by gender and clothing color, but not by skin or hair color. The suspect snatched the woman's purse before fleeing the scene. [source]

• In January, 2015 an identified woman was robbed by two white males who approached her and her 11-year-old daughter as they sitting in their car at a Florida Walmart. Reports say one of the men forced a knife through the car's open window. [source]

• In January, 2015 a woman was robbed by a black male in a Clarksville, Tenn. Walmart parking lot. Reports say the suspect entered the victim's car, grabbed her by the throat, and emptied her purse, then stole about $200 and a prescription drug. The woman was thrown to the pavement during the ordeal. [source]

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More racist hate crime reports at AbateTheHate.com [click here]

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