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November 1, 2015 -- Sweden's government is keeping the location of new refugee centers quiet.

The reason?

Since March, 2015 at least 20 refugee centers in the once pristine and virtually crime-free nation have been burned. The fires are attributed to arson and patriots -- called "xenophobes" by the mainstream hate media -- are likely to blame.

Two refugee fires reported Wednesday are among the most recent.

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The Swedish Migration Agency said on Wednesday it would no longer publish the addresses of new refugee reception centres after a rise in suspected arson attacks targeting such buildings.

"The security situation has deteriorated and the many fires are a concern," Willis Aberg of the Migration Agency's accommodation unit told Swedish Radio news.

"We try to be an open agency, but at present we believe that it is better to classify details to reduce the threats," he added.

Since March, at least 20 fires have been reported at current or planned refugee shelters.

No one has been injured in the incidents, and police have made no arrests. Most of the incidents were being investigated as suspected arson.

Two incidents were reported overnight on Wednesday. One involved a former kindergarten in the wealthy Stockholm suburb of Danderyd, but a security guard was quickly able to extinguish the fire.

The municipality had on Tuesday said the former kindergarten would in November temporarily house 70 asylum seekers.

"I am dismayed and disturbed," Danderyd municipal councillor, Olle Reichenberg, said, adding that a new security assessment would be made.

"We still intend to open the planned shelter," he added.

A stone and a bottle with flammable liquid was late on Tuesday thrown into a planned reception centre in Faringtofta, southern Sweden, but emergency services put out the fire.

Swedish authorities estimate that up to 190 000 people could apply for asylum this year, creating a shortage of housing.

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  1. Some Swedes must be channeling the spirits of their Viking ancestors. It's the only thing that will save their nation.

  2. These are acts of desperation by patriotic Swedes have been backed into a corner by their own government that absolutely will destroy that country's1500-2000 years old culture. I can not encourage lawlessness but what course of action is available to a people ruled by a regime that is a faux democracy, that is in fact a totalitarian state ? What choice do a people have? when the news media will not speak for the people but lies to them and is in collusion with a government that tries to suppress descent? Their government gives them no peaceful alternatives--does it? What are the Swedish men to do when there is mass rape of their women by aliens who hate them and their own government protects those aliens who have brought with them a culture of violence and sexual abuse of women. What man could remain passive under such circumstances?