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October 26, 2015 -- The term 'white supremacist' is a pejorative. It is hate speech. It is no less offensive than the 'n' word that is considered so despicable that we are not permitted to utter it. Yet the predatory left uses this hate speech with impunity.

For what reason?

The predatory left refers to those it wishes others to hate as 'white supremacists,' 'racists,' 'xenophobes,' 'Islamophobes,' etc.

When one calls another a 'white supremacist' he is encouraging the one to hate the other.

But isn't the predatory left anti-hate and anti-racist?

Of course NOT!

Recall Karl Marx's mantra: "Accuse others of what you are doing."

The predatory left hates, but it accuses others of being hateful. The predatory left is racist, but it accuses others of being racists. The predatory left believes its philosophy is supreme, but it accuses others of being supremacists.

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  1. its all conquer and divide psychobabble used for decades now to destroy western white countries, i think most know who is behind it, i take that back SOME know.