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October 22, 2015 -- Jimmy Hubert, 24, underwent spinal surgery yesterday.

The Georgia Tech student went missing in Atlanta last week. Searchers found him along railroad tracks where he had been severely beaten and left for dead.

Reports say Hubert hopped aboard Atlanta's mass transit MARTA train after leaving a formal gathering with his fraternity.

Urban savages attacked Hubert.

His mother reports on Facebook that her son "was suffering from: broken vertebrae, broken ribs, a broken scapula, a punctured lung, blood on the brain and paralysis on his left side, which she hopes is temporary."

• Some say segregation on mass transit was an expression of white racism. Others claim it was an effort to protect people like Hubert from violent black racism.

That indignity suffered by Rosa Parks earned her an iconic place in American history where she will forever be canonized with statues and speeches for suffering the pain of being asked to change seats. Meanwhile, Hubert will be forgotten.

Black-on-white crime -- no matter how severe -- doesn't merit a mention by the national mainstream Marxist media, let alone a place in American history.

In reality the widespread white-on-black violence imagined by the predatory left seldom happened. When white Americans defend themselves they are demonized as racist haters.

Bernhard Goetz, for example, used a firearm to defend himself from a fate similar to that suffered by Hubert. Goetz successfully defended himself, then lost a civil suit for about $43-million. The court ruled the suit could not be dismissed by bankruptcy.

White Americans have a choice: Allow urban savages to beat you or suffer the pain of financial destitution for defending yourself.

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Friday night, the Phi Delta Theta fraternity member attended a formal before he was reported missing. Investigators said he left the party on his own free will.

Hubert's mother, Diane Hubert, said her son jumped on a MARTA train after leaving the party and when he got off the train he was "jumped, beaten up, robbed and left for dead."  She said her son was not on drugs and was not drunk. On Facebook, she said her son was suffering from: broken vertebrae, broken ribs, a broken scapula, a punctured lung, blood on the brain and paralysis on his left side, which she hopes is temporary.

Over the weekend, investigators said Hubert's fellow students, fraternity brothers and friends rallied together and formed their own search party. On Sunday they stayed out until midnight finding possible "pings" from Hubert's phone along with a friend's phone left in his jacket.

"They're tech students, they can know how to track everything," Georgia Tech Police Chief Robert Connolly joked at a news conference Monday while praising the student search party.

Police Chief Connolly said Hubert's phone was pinging off of locations and the students could see last known locations where the phone was. The students went back to the site of the party and they combed the areas around there, never giving up on their friend.

Hubert's high school friend, and Georgia State University student, Emma Jeffery was the the one who found him.

"He is one of my best friends and he needed to be found," said Jeffery. "We were about to turn around and I looked and said 'is that a person,' ran over and sure enough it was Jimmy."

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