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October 1, 2015 -- Gandhi overwhelmed British authorities in India with masses of humanity so large that they could not be effectively resisted.

Martin Luther King copied Gandhi's strategy by tactfully using "civil disobedience" to overwhelm authorities in the American south, filling jails to capacity, and leaving law enforcement crippled.

Globalist are now using the same tactic in Western Europe where masses of Islamic insurgents are so large they can neither be absorbed or resisted. Some European patriots, however, are pressuring their governments to change open-door immigration policies that facilitate the invasion.

Not all Europeans are accepting the globalist propaganda. Thousands of Germans have rallied in recent days demanding an end to open-border immigration and the displacement of their culture.

Below is a video of one such rally that was ignored by the mainstream Marxist media.

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  1. MSM: Thousands of RACISTS rally to oppress fleeing refugees.