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October 18, 2015 -- As the criminal undertow in Indianapolis migrates further into the city's whitopian north side, residents there are finding themselves exposed to increased violence.

The 18-mile long Monon Trail extends from the city's near north side and into the suburban towns of Carmel and Westfield.

Police say two joggers were attacked in broad daylight Saturday by a pack of "juveniles".

One jogger was beaten to the pavement where four "teens" beat and kicked him before stealing his iPhone 6.

Ten others reported similar instances of harassment by the juveniles.

The attacks occurred near 86th Street which, until recently, was a predominantly white area of Indianapolis.

• The Monon Trail has become a popular hunting ground for village-raised feral teens.

Three years ago a 64-year-old man was attacked as he concluded a 20-mile bike ride on the trail.

Last month two men were robbed of their cell phones after one of the victims was punched in the head.

In August police released a sketch of a black male sporting dreadlocks as a suspect in three separate attacks.

In October, 2013, two males robbed two bicyclists at gunpoint on the trail. Within 24 hours another woman was robbed.

Police insist the trail is safe, making us wonder what the cops would consider "dangerous."

Meanwhile, we are programmed to punish ourselves with shame and self-loathing if we consider the blatant racism involved; that virtually all the attackers were black and all the victims were white.

• The media profiled the attackers by gender and age, but declined to report their race.

Noting black thugs are blacks is considered racist and intolerant.

Black thugs attacking white joggers is not considered racist and intolerant.

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47-year-old Brian Ford told police he was running southbound on the trail when he saw a group of 4 to 5 males walking northbound.  Ford said as he approached the group, one person threw a punch, hitting him in the nose.

Ford said all the subjects began to grab him, pulling him off the trail into a wooded area nearby.  According to Ford, all of the subjects began to punch him in the head.

Ford told police they never demanded anything verbally, but called him names and cursed at him while attacking him.

The subjects reportedly stole Ford’s cell phone armband containing his iPhone 6 and car keys before fleeing south on the trail.

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  1. Is there no place safe from these "teens"? Ah, the joys of diversity.

  2. a little pepper mace with markings would of helped the workout.