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October 9, 2015 -- The Muslim men who fled Syria for greener pastures in Western Europe are cowards who have no honor.

That is the opinion of thousands of women left behind to raise their children in the squalor of Syrian refugee camps.

To our knowledge there are no "pro-women" neo-feminists groups offering aid to millions of Muslim wives and mothers abandoned in Syria.

Some say it is 'haram' -- forbidden -- to abandon one's own country.

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Syrian men fleeing their war-torn home country are being criticised by the women 'left behind' to live in squalor in refugee camps.

When questioned about their feelings regarding the large number of men who have fled Syria for Europe without their wives and children, these women do not mince their words.

One woman accuse them of abandoning Syria in a time of crisis, while others stop short of calling them cowards by saying it is 'haram' - forbidden under Islam - to leave their country.

The women, interviewed by American video journalist Bilal Abdul Kareem, all live in a refugee camp in Syria, having left their home cities and villages during the four-year civil war.

A young woman sitting in one of the temporary buildings in the refugee camp sayts she is very upset about men leaving women and children behind in Syria.

'We have a crisis here. So if they[the men] go, who will free us? Who will protect us?

We are their honor. We are their honour… Who will avenge [the martyred]?'

Another accuses Syrian men of abandoning women and children, leaving them to rely on 'outsiders' to help the population and fight the war.

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  1. The "refugees" are useless in their own countries and will be just as useless wherever they go.

  2. Argh the feminists will wake up and ask for all those mothers and sisters and daughters to be fly with the tax payers money to Europe...