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October 3, 2015 -- School children of the future will learn that Caucasians were a race of goose-stomping maniacs who enslaved those they did not kill.

That's assuming, of course, there will be schools in the future.

Another milestone among the many harbingers of Europe's imminent demise is seen in Switzerland where ethnic Swiss toddlers are now outnumbered by migrant tots or the offspring of migrants.

Tucked away in a 2013 report we find revealing statistics that, among children ages 0 to 6, ethnic Swiss are a minority.

The report reveals that 53.6% of that age demographic are "derived from the migration."

Many are second generation migrants. Others were birthed by mixed couples.

In the Canton of Vaud, for example, 70,000 children were identified as derived from migration while 48,000 were Swiss. Vaud is the nation's third largest canton by population.

An area in West Lausanne reports that 80 percent of students in 2009 were foreign born. A school class of 15 students was noted to include five with obvious Swiss names. The others were as diverse as Japan, South Africa, Portugal, Chile, Congo, etc.

Half of marriages in Canton of Vaud are comprised of two ethnic Swiss. The other half are either two foreigners or a Swiss marrying a foreigner.

The report quotes a Swiss immigration official,  Stéphane Cotter, as saying, "These movements have been reinforced by the strong migration flows observed in Switzerland since 2010."

That is, critical mass has been breached.

Predicting the future

A lesson learned from Jehovah's Witnesses is that predicting the future can be tricky if not down-right absurd. After predicting the Second Coming three times, one doubts the metrics used. Credibility of future predictions is moot.

Recall the fabled Boy Who Cried "Wolf."

In Europe, however, the wolf is already consuming the sheep and the history of globalism's spin and revisions create a predictable pattern.

We imagine a future in which white people are demonized as domineering and lacking empathy; that they are deserving of the fate that will have befallen them.

Few will be inquisitive enough to wonder who invented the electric lights that flicker off at irregular intervals or who first invented the motorized vehicles that only the egalitarian elite will possess.

The era of high-tech healthcare will have disappeared down the Orwellian memory hole and future plagues will blamed on white incompetence. Likewise, the word's economic demise will be laid at the feet of us.

Far fetched? Not really.

Recall during the last recession the president of Brazil Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva stated , “This crisis was caused by the irrational behavior of white people with blue eyes, who before the crisis appeared to know everything and now demonstrate that they know nothing.”

Brazil's president conveniently forgot that virtually every innovation that enhanced the lives of Brazilians was the product of white invention.

If that still seems a stretch, take note of the millions who believe earthquakes and hurricanes are caused by global warming, blamed, of course, on free marketeers.

The end game

The objective of globalism is literally etched in stone. The infamous Georgia Guidetones call for a cap on the human population at 50 million. These are expected to live in harmony with nature, the etching declares. Translated, that means future generations will live in grass huts and be cursed with a high infant mortality rate.

As high tech food production becomes economically unfeasible, our progeny will suffer both physical and intellectual digression. The Flynn Effect will be reversed.

It is interesting that the merging of cultures is roughly aligned with OECD nations; Japan being one of few exceptions. One could almost imagine that the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development was created for the express purpose of destroying Western culture.

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