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October 15, 2015 -- Never before in the history of Sweden have so many "refugees" sought asylum in that nation.

86,223 individuals -- most Islamic insurgents -- have applied to the nation's genocidal government for asylum year to date. That surpasses the government's expectation of 74,000 refugees for the entire year.

The next migration crisis will be white flight as ethnic Europeans seek to escape the crime and violence that the "refugees" are ostensibly avoiding.

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Sweden's Migration Agency announced on its website that it had run out of space in its emergency accommodation for new arrivals.

The new figures emerged days after Sweden's Prime Minister announced that tent camps would likely be needed in order to provide enough shelter to refugees.

“Sweden is preparing for a crisis situation,” the Social Democrat leader told a press conference in Stockholm on Friday.

“Our focus is now on [providing] an organised reception. First of all, to ensure there is accommodation. The standards are being lowered. It’s a matter of providing roof over heads. The government has today commissioned The Swedish Migration Agency to set up tents if it is necessary,” he said.

“We’re facing the worst international migrant crisis since the Second World War," he added.

Sweden is the only EU country which promises to give Syrian refugees automatic residence, however large numbers of people from Iraq and Afghanistan have also been seeking asylum in recent months.

While the Nordic nation has a global reputation for helping refugees fleeing conflicts, it has faced some internal criticism following complaints from asylum seekers about long waiting times and a lack of access to housing in the bigger cities.
The country's migration agency has warned earlier this year that gyms and disaster shelters would be needed to solve the accommodation issue before the cold Swedish winter sets in.

On Monday morning the Prime Minister launched a cross-party conference on the refugee crisis in Sweden.

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  1. Sweden is "Swedenistan" in everything but the name.

  2. Trying to get the invaders to assimilate to Swedish life is considered racist in Sweden, while the native Swedes are told that they have no culture what so ever (sound familiar?), so the onus is on native Swedes to learn off the invaders.
    No wonder the invaders don't respect their hosts and treat them like a sexdoll/ATM.