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October 18, 2015 -- The Gateston Institute reports that Swedes will be a minority in their own country within 10 to 15 years.

While the native Swedish population remains stable at 7.7 million, the insurgent population is rapidly expanding. The volunteers who once welcomed Islamic "refugees" with food at Malmö's train station have vanished.

180,000 asylum seekers are expected in 2015. Assuming each brings three family members the total number will be 720,000 per year.

Native Swedes currently outnumber insurgents by 5.6 million. However, if the influx of insurgents remains at the current rate, ethnic Swedes will be a minority in fewer than 8 years. That prediction discounts the certainty that insurgent birth rates will multiply their number while the Swedish birth rate remains constant.

Sweden from space at night
Then what?

Once Sweden becomes the world's northern-most Islamic state, what can we expect?

First, the generous welfare system will fail.

Sweden will no longer be a destination preference for low-intelligent Third-worlders.

Second, a cyclical equilibrium could result.

As Third-worlders find other Western nations more generous, the ethnic Swede population could reassert itself, fueling the economy and attracting more insurgents. The ebb and flow would continue. That scenario, however, is unlikely as majority Muslim populations have proven themselves intolerant of infidels. Once displaced, Swedes will not be able to assert themselves.

Third, ethnic Swedes may emigrate.

White flight may ensue, assuming whites have an accommodating destination. However, as Marxism continues to exploit Islamic hate to rid the world of Western innovation, the next generation of Swedes will likely be destined to harsh servitude and abject poverty.

Fourth, insurgents may oppose further immigration.

It may occur to insurgents that increased immigration will deplete Sweden's resources. Such is the case in South Africa where descendants of sub-Saharan Africans who invaded that nation after Europeans introduced innovation are rejecting newly arrived sub-Saharan Africans. That scenario is unlikely in that the aggregate of Third-worlders lack the intelligence to comprehend such abstracts. It's akin to blacks in Detroit who fail to comprehend their crime is creating their own poverty. They are unable to think consequentially but, rather, grasp at immediate gratification.

Fifth, Sweden's ethnic population will vanish.

The most likely scenario will be the total annihilation of the ethnic Swede population. In keeping with the Marxist agenda to achieve global economic parity, Swedes will be victims of an international genocidal holocaust that will eradicate the white race. The global population will be capped at 500-million and forced to "live in harmony" with nature.

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  1. This is happening all over the Western world. The USA and Europe are actually welcoming these INVADERS into their countries. Why are we so intent on our own suicide?

  2. Sweden, close the borders while you still can. The mayhem caused by the devotees of the Koran will continue to expand if you don't. Screw these "Refugees". Do you want to become a third world country and a haven for extremists?? Instead of sand and violence, you'll have snow, violence, removal of women's rights and Shari'a law.....Act while you can