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October 13, 2015 -- A student at Columbus State Community College was severely beaten by three young males in Columbus, Ohio last month.

The attackers were described as black.

Shaun Kaltenbach was walking home from classes when the unprovoked attack occurred.

Reports say the victim suffered several broken bones to the face, requiring reconstructive surgery.

• The media reminds us that American history is shrouded in such cases of racist hate crimes. The media, however, inverts to the races to convince us that blacks have historically been the victims of violent white racism when, as this attack reveals, white are usually the victims of black racism.

Some contend that Jim Crow laws were expressions of white racism. Others believe Jim Crow laws existed to protect white people, like Shaun Kaltenbach, from black-on-white violence.

Among Jim Crow laws in some Southern states was the prohibition of blacks and whites using the same sidewalk. Apologists for black racism insist those laws were enacted simply because white people didn't care to get close to black people. Others believe such laws were birthed by an epidemic of black-on-white violence.

• While such attacks are a cure for minds infected with the white privilege virus, simple instruction in coarse reality would be a more efficient and safer method.

White parents should instruct their children to avoid groups of blacks.

• The attack explains why privileged white liberals prefer to live in privileged white communities while pretending to be "anti-racist".

The crime occurred Sept. 14, 2015 and was ignored by the national mainstream Marxist media. It was reported locally Oct. 12, 2015.

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