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October 21, 2015 -- The tiny nation of Slovenia is reinforcing border police with its military.

Reports say an estimated 20,000 Islamic insurgents invaded Slovenia since Saturday. Nearly all are en route to Germany, France, and Great Britain where they expect to receive generous welfare benefits.

A newly constructed border fence effectively prohibits insurgents from passing through Hungary making Slovenia the shortest route to their destinations.

Slovenia's population prior to the invasion was about 2-million. The invasion of 20,000 insurgents is an effective one-percent growth in a matter of days.

The nation has a small standing army of only 7,300.

About 140 were sent to the border.

• The recent Islamic insurgence into Western Europe underscores the failure of globalism and the importance of nationalism. Globalists stigmatize nationalists with with the Nazi pejorative. That is, if one is not a globalist he or she must be a Nazi from their perspective.

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Ljubljana - The Slovenian parliament passed legislation early on Wednesday that will give the army more power to help police guarding the state border as thousands of migrants flood into the country from Croatia after Hungary sealed off its border.

The new legislation will enable the soldiers to control the border when there are no police present.

The army began helping guard the border on Monday, but so far only when police were present.

More than 20 000 migrants have arrived in Slovenia since Saturday morning in order to pass through to Austria.

At least 6 000 spent the night in Slovenia which provided them with shelter in refugee centres.

“(On Wednesday) we will officially ask the EU ... for police back-up and for financial help,” Prime Minister Miro Cerar told reporters before the vote in parliament

Opposition parties said the government should follow Hungary and put up a fence on Slovenia's border with Croatia to prevent migrants entering the country.

An official from the interior ministry said the possibility “of safeguarding border crossings with physical obstacles” cannot be excluded if the flow of migrants escalates.

Attempts by Slovenia to stem the flow of migrants since Hungary sealed its border with Croatia on Friday have triggered a knock-on effect through the Balkans, with thousands held up at border crossings.

At least 12 100 migrants were currently in Serbia, the prime minister said on Tuesday.

About 6 000 migrants had entered Austria from Slovenia on Tuesday, a police spokesman in Styria province said.

In the last two days Slovenia, which has two million citizens and is the smallest country on the Balkan migrant route, has deployed 140 soldiers to the border to assist the police.

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