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October 9, 2015 -- Two U.S. Senators from Maryland are exploiting the contrived Syrian refugee crisis to import potential future Democrats from Syria.

Sen. Ben Cardin wants more taxpayer money to underwrite the undermining of North Carolina's culture and Sen. Barbara A. Mikulski wants homeland security to streamline screening for setting potential Islamic terrorists in the Tar Heel state.

Islam is the world's oldest and deadliest hate group with a 1,400 year history of lopping off hands and heads, tossing homosexuals from tall buildings, and blowing things up. And flying airliners into The World Trade Center.

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Kenn interviews South Africa's Henri le Riche
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  1. Yes, yes, take in these third world "refugees" and then move them into the communities of the two above mentioned Senators. Why not move them in as their next door neighbors? This of course will never happen. If I were a voter in North Carolina I'd be angry as hell!

    1. If I were a voter in Maryland I'd be angry as hell! {fixed}

  2. of course they do american people DON'T.