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October 13, 2015 -- World famed atheist bookseller Richard Dawkins evoked a religious term to express his disdain for Islam.

"To hell with their culture," Dawkins said while appearing on a far-left talk show hosted by Bill Maher.

Maher and Dawkins part ways with many leftists who embrace Islam as an agitating element to displace Western culture.

Islam is the world's oldest and deadliest hate group.

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Maher said: "We're on the side of the women's movement and poor and minorities and whatever. Gay people, the disabled, the abused, whatever Caitlyn (Jenner) is up to. We're all for it.

"And they (liberals) applaud that but if you say something about a woman being forced to wear a beekeeper suit in the hot sun all day…"

Dawkins then took over saying: "But that's 'their culture' and you have to accept it. It's the one exception. Liberal about everything but this one exception, 'it's their culture'.

"Well, to hell with their culture."

Dawkins went on to say Islam had a "free pass"  because of the "terror of being thought racist" if the religion is criticised.

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  1. negro culture should of been thrown in.

  2. RichardDawkins website banned me two days ago for asking how a xy chromosome can become magically a woman and how evolution stopped for humans magically some 60'000 years ago.I emailed them to ask why I was banned and they answered me because of my "blatantly homophobic and bigoted comments." Another poster said I am "holding some very dangerous ideas with this statement. ” Yup, dangerous like when Giordano Bruno was burned at the stake to say the earth is not the center of the universe…

    I emailed back saying "Oh okay, so the same way "useful idiots" say that Mr. Dawkins is islamophobic to silence him, despite him bringing evidence to his claims, you say that I am homophobic and a bigot, to silence me, despite the evidence I bring to support my claims."
    They didn't answered me back...

    And now I read that Dawkins says that Islam had a "free pass" because of the "terror of being thought racist" if the religion is criticised (sic).
    Well, many liberal dogmas like homosexuality and all race are the same, have a "free pass" because of the "terror of being thought racist" or homophobic if the secular religion of Liberalism is criticized.