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October 11, 2015 -- Somewhere in Australia a cranium contains the twisted mind of a leftist loon who despises the mantra, ‘Real men don’t hit women’.

Neo-feminists there say the phrase defines gender roles in a sexist manner. It presumes the male is to be the strong protector-provider. It presumes women are weak and in need of protecting.

They evoke the word "stereotype;" a favored leftist term used as a corrosive acid to destroy Western culture.

The dilemma came to light when Australia's new Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, used the phrase in his campaign to combat domestic violence.

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Malcolm Turnbull came out swinging when he promised a tough approach to domestic violence during the second week of his newly claimed Prime Ministership.

“It has been overlooked, to some extent ignored, for far too long. We must have zero tolerance for it. The growing level of awareness is vital,” he said, building up to a simple, blunt, and catchy punchline.

“Real men don’t hit women.”

It was music to the ears of most. Finally, a leader who wasn’t afraid to address this issue, who wouldn’t be beating around the bush on the epidemic killing two Australian women every week.

But criminologist and gender violence expert Michael Salter, among others, felt his ears prick up for a different reason.

“We’ve heard it before, it doesn’t help, and really, it’s destructive,” he told

Dr Salter says Malcolm Turnbull’s message, like those of generations of politicians before him, is sexist and ineffectual.

“The ‘real men don’t hit women’ phrase is a longstanding one. Just about every man in Australia has been raised to hear it,” he said.

“It assumes that ‘real’ men are strong and ‘real’ men are protective and have authority, and that it’s wrong to hit women because they’re weak and passive.

The statement only makes sense if we assume those things, and it reinforces those stereotypes.”

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  1. real men spank them and laugh at they're gibberish.

  2. I was 5'6" 155# and could bench press 250# there was no man I was afraid, of but most women I knew were not as lucky.So I do not find this statement sexiest and decent people teach their children not to hit others anyway.These PC morons need their own Island that they can govern any way they like.They also would not be allowed to request help when it is overrun with Violent thugs doing as they please.Nor should they be able to leave.