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October 12, 2015 -- Here's a video you won't see in a sensitivity training class.

Some say schools were segregated as an expression of white racism.

Others contend school segregation was a means of protecting white students from black violence.

Watch the video below.

What do you think?

Regardless of your perspective, the video demonstrates racism in its raw form. It's a side of racism -- black-on-white -- that the media prefer your don't see.

Why not?

• The entertainment media convince us that white people have a long history of abusing and oppressing black Americans.

The advent of the Internet coupled with the proliferation of video devices reveals a reality divergent to that projected by the media.

The objective of the media is to persuade us that white people constitute the oppressing bourgeois and blacks are the oppressed proletariat. That is the paradigm we see when we watch television and attend the cinema.

But once away from scriptwriters, actors, and make-believe impressions, we must eventually confront reality. It is a reality the media -- again -- wants to hide.

• "In a time of universal deceit," George Orwell wrote, "telling the truth is a revolutionary act." exists to tell the truth the media hide.

Oddly, there are some whose minds are so delusional to conclude that exposing black-on-white racism is, somehow, racism.

However, if that were your daughter or granddaughter being assaulted, would you consider yourself a racist for not condoning it?

• Notice the symbols on the shirt of the victim.

• Imagine how many such racist attacks occur that are not video recorded, not uploaded to social media, and, therefore, not reported in the local media.

Click on image to view video

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The St. Joseph School District is responding to a video circulating on Facebook showing an apparent school bullying incident at a local elementary school.

A cellphone video shows the bullying episode between two girls on the playground of Hosea Elementary School.

On the video, viewers can see one of the girls hold on to a piece of playground equipment, as a second girl attempts to drag her away by the hair.

The second girl was able to successfully pull the girl away by the hair.

The video then shows the girl kicking the second student and striking her on the head.

According to The St. Joseph News-Press, the video was recorded sometime last week .

"The St. Joseph School District does not condone this type of behavior no matter when it occurs," says a statement given to the newspaper by the district . "It is important that we partner with parents and community members to prevent bullying and fighting no matter what time it occurs. One of our district priorities is to keep our students safe and educate them with programs designed to eradicate bullying."

The district confirmed both students attend the district, adding the student in question was arrested for assault. The incident happened after school had ended for the day.

Parents seek to expel alleged aggressor

“I was shocked, I couldn’t watch the whole thing. I still don’t have the words to describe how a human can do that to another human.”

Logan said several other parents are urging the school district to expel the aggressor.

“They’re scared of what this girl is capable of doing to their kids and they’ve made that pretty clear. I don’t want to see her come back.”

The father also regrets not going to administrators when his daughter told him about another bullying incident with the same girl.

“I shook it off and didn’t think anything about it," Logan said. "I always had great success with this school. If anything happened with my child, they follow up with me immediately.”

“I wish I would have acted on it then rather than let this go to that because maybe it could have stopped what happened.”

It's unknown who recorded the video.

More information is expected when the official police report is released.

More racist hate crime reports at [click here]

Click on image to view video

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  2. the school doesn't condone this behavior liars its everyday across the world by the way FIGHT BACK.

  3. When will you people ever learn, it be rayciss to call this just another savage beating by a typical young criminal negress in training. That white girl is being culturally enriched by the vibrant diversity present at her school.

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