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October 11, 2015 -- Look around you.

Most everything you see originated with nature or in the mind of a white person.

Western innovation has enhanced the lives of all humans, everywhere. Due to Western innovation, abject poverty has declined to an all-time record low.

We have provided education, healthcare, and more inventions than could possibly be cataloged.

In fact, were you to consult the U.S. Patent office and review the inventions filed for patents, you would discover that nearly all of them -- with few exceptions -- were filed by white people.

The predatory left, however, wants us to believe that Western culture is oppressive and white people, in particular, are racists whose existence is destructive. Consider, however, that the world's population explosion coincided with the industrial revolution and the inventions it spawned -- nearly all from the minds of white people worldwide.

Fortunately, there are some individuals -- such as Dr. Ricardo Duchesne -- who gets it ... and appreciates it!

See video below.

H/T Political Cesspool Attribution: Students for Western Civilisation.

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