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October 6, 2015 -- When was the last time you heard of two white women mugging a black man on the streets?

A 51-year-old white man was attacked in New Orleans by two black females. The attack was captured on video.

See video below.

Reports say the attackers made off with the man's wallet and cell phone.

A passerby casually glanced at the attack as if it were normal behavior. The women seemed unconcerned that the pedestrian would snitch on them. Rather, they continued to attack.

• Apologists for black crime excuse such hate as the product of white privilege and black poverty.

Clearly, the motive was the crime was not poverty. The women were driving a late-model SUV and their clothing reveals they have access to the Western standard of living; hardly the picture of naked tribesmen in sub-Saharan Africa.

Does this victim look privileged to you?

• Such attacks are common in America's Africa. Those of us whose lived in such areas are fully aware that the mainstream media's perception of urban areas is divergent with reality.

Privileged white liberals are, of course, fully aware of black-on-white violence. They lives in isolated Jim Crow neighborhoods far removed from the violence they pretend doesn't exist.

Note that such attacks are common. Few are captured on video.

• Such attacks are epidemic.

In Syracuse, NY a white man was beaten to death after being attack by a mob of black teens in. The teen found guilty of killing the man was sentenced to only 18 months confinement.

In Springfield, Ohio a 38-year-old white man was beaten to death by a black thug in the apartment parking lot where he lived.

In Kansas City, MO an Army captain was beaten by a black mob in an upscale restaurant parking lot. The victim suffered multiple broken bones.

In St. Louis, MO an Army veteran was attacked by blacks as he walked to his car during a St. Louis Cardinals game. The victim was left paralyzed.

In Santa Ana, Calif. an 83-year-old Vietnamese man was beaten by a sole black male. The victim was hospitalized in serious condition. The attack was captured by a security camera.

In Highland Park, Mich. an unarmed white man was fatally shot by a black male at a bus stop. There was no provocation.

In Indianapolis, Ind. a white boy was paralyzed after being attacked at a school-bus stop where he was being forced to attend an integrated government school. The attack was captured on video.

While white people are subjected to violent racist hate, we are accused of such heinous crimes as micro-aggression. We are made to feel guilty about responsibly contributing to society by working, being innovative and paying taxes; a concept the predatory left labels "white privilege."

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Click on image to view video

• Two women seen on CCTV parking an SUV before confronting the man
• Suddenly one punches the man in the face, flooring him with a single blow
• Muggers quickly rifle through victim's pockets as he lies stunned in road
• Man, 51, tries to escape but women pin him down as they continue assault
• Passer-by sees the attack but shockingly walks on by without intervening
• Women then jump into the vehicle and get away with his phone and wallet

More racist hate crime reports at [click here]

Kenn interviews South Africa's Henri le Riche
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