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October 10, 2015 -- Stigmatized with pejoratives such as "xenophobes" and "extremists" by the globalist press, patriots across Europe are ignoring the hate speech and taking to streets in record numbers.

At issue is the displacement of Western culture by Third-world insurgents falsely labeled "refugees" by the mainstream media.

While Americans have been roundly beaten into submission with the "racist" label, Europeans are substantially bolder.

That has led the mainstream media to admit -- albeit reluctantly -- that the patriotic movements, such as Germany's PEGIDA, are on the rise.

Even the media outlet AFP was forced to acknowledge the resurgence of PEGIDA, which the predatory left prefers to stigmatize as "far right" and "fringe."

The silver lining in the recent wave of insurgents invading Western Europe is the prospect of patriotic movements clinching substantial wins in upcoming elections across the continent.

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Almost declared dead only months ago, Germany's populist far-right is seeking a comeback amid a record wave of asylum-seekers, hoping to anchor itself in mainstream politics.

As Chancellor Angela Merkel has opened the doors to unprecedented numbers of refugees, she initially earned popular support but also quickly faced xenophobic hecklers who angrily branded her a "traitor" and worse.

Anti-foreigner fury has flared most visibly at rallies of the resurgent PEGIDA movement, short for "Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the Occident".

"Merkel is guilty, commits ethnocide against the German people," read a banner at last week's protest in Dresden, Saxony state, in the former communist East where PEGIDA emerged one year ago next week.

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  1. Good for them. Having the balls to stand up against leftist tyranny.I look forward to the day when being called a racist is a badge of honor.