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October 1, 2015 -- A woman stationed at the French border with Italy was brutally raped by an African she was helping to invade her nation.

Reports say the unnamed woman, about 30 years old, was attacked while taking a shower in Ponte San Ludovico in Ventimiglia, Italy.

The victim refused to report the attack to police for about one month, fearful the news would hamper No Borders, the globalist organization for which she works.

• Globalism opposes nationalism and usually supports a Marxist economic model.

Unable to redistribute wealth due to the propensity of white people to prosper through an innate aptitude to innovate, globalism strive to redistribute the gene pool through a global eugenics agenda that will ultimately result in the genocide of white people.

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More racist hate crime reports at [click here]

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  1. It should happen to all of them.

  2. Again racial issues trump feminist issues, even down to the personal safety level with this one.
    And what, she thinks she's doing a noble thing protecting a rapist foreigner entering a Western country illegally with her silence?
    Is there something in the water these days? God help us.

  3. The only time negro muslims hit the showers is to rape some deluded white female SJW.