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October 25, 2015 -- An Australian senator is facing the wrath of mainstream Marxist media for referring to a negro as a "negro."

"The offensive term was made during a debate about marriage equality," said The Daily Mail.

The Australian edition of the British newspaper said negro is a "dated and offensive slur."

To my knowledge there is no codified law in Australia that prohibits the use of the word 'negro'.

There is, however, an unwritten law among the leftist elite that forbids the term.

Senator Eric Abetz broke that law and is now being lynched by the media for his offense.

So what's up with this?


The predatory left is intent on controlling our identity; our sense of who we are.

We are not allowed to be colored people.
We must be 'people of color.'

We must not be negroes.
We must be African Americans.

The senator's offense against the political and cultural left was made during a radio interview.

When discussing the freedom of business owners to be selective in whom they serve, Abetz evoked the name  of Clarence Thomas, a member of the U.S. Supreme Court.

The pinheadian leftists, unable to contend with a negro who supports freedom of association, opted to slander Abetz as a racist.

Such ad  hominem attacks are typical among the predatory left. Unable to use logic, they defer to slander.

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  1. If blacks are African Americans, are whites now European Americans?