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October 18, 2015 -- Remember the white brute caught on video as he viciously beat a young black mother?

Nor do we.

We do recall a home nanny-cam video that captured the brutal attack of an unarmed and helpless young white woman as she was horrifically attacked by a black savage in 2013.

The man accused of the crime -- whose image is seen (allegedly) in the video -- says he wants to go to trial rather than plead guilty.

Reports say Shawn Custis, 44, would face a 20-year sentence if he entered a guilty plea. The sentence could be 40 if he is found guilty in a trial.

Custis doesn't seem to mind being imprisoned until he is 84 years old.

The crime occurred in Newark, New Jersey.

• It is not considered "racism" when a huge black thug beats a helpless white women in her own home. Noticing the crime is, however, considered racism.

Are we insane?

A key indicator of minds that have been zombified and brainwashed by cults is the denial of obvious realities. Cognition is displaced with a delusional false reality.

Such displacement was advocated by Karl Marx who instructed his followers to "accuse others of what you do," thereby creating that false displacement reality.

In Western culture Marxism has convinced us that white people are racists who oppress non-whites; blacks in particular.

That perspective is divergent from observable reality.

White people have provided non-whites with life-enhancing innovations that have resulted in a world-wide abject poverty level under ten percent, the lowest in human history. Meanwhile, whites are physically brutalized and subjected to violent crimes by blacks.

The divergent thinking creates a false displacement reality.

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Instead of pleading guilty in the case, a Newark man indicated on Friday he wanted to go to trial on charges of beating a Millburn woman in a 2013 home invasion attack caught on a "nanny-cam."

Shawn Custis, 44, said he was not interested in the 20-year prison term he would receive if he entered a guilty plea. That figure represents the maximum sentence for the most serious charges against Custis.

But during Friday's hearing, Superior Court Judge Ronald Wigler reminded Custis that, due to his criminal record, he would be eligible for an extended prison term if he is convicted at the trial.

That extended term means that if Custis is convicted of a charge that normally carries a maximum prison sentence of 20 years, Custis could be sentenced to 40 years in prison, according to Wigler. Custis would then have to serve at least 85 percent of that sentence before becoming eligible for parole, Wigler said.

"You understand that?" Wigler asked.

"Yes," Custis replied.

The judge said jury selection is scheduled to begin on Nov. 4 and opening statements would occur on Dec. 2.

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  1. What's he going to use as a defense argument, it was self defense?
    Imagine the consequences he'd have faced from the community a 100 years ago, instead today we have color video footage and yet this isn't even shocking anymore, just another boon 'wilding'.

  2. You just get better and better . . .