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October 16, 2015 -- A new Washington Post-ABC News poll shows Hillary doing relatively well among non-white women voters.

The implications are manifold.

Most obvious is the mantra, "Demographics are destiny."

Were America racially homogeneously white, Hillary wouldn't stand a chance in a general election. In fact, the Democrats would have lost every election since 1976. That was the last year Democrats won the white vote.

Second, it underscores the obsession of race among the predatory left.

While vociferously condemning racism, the left can't -- or won't -- shut up about it. The left has a propensity to interpret everything in racial terms. (See Kenn's Law #1). The left demands we have a national conversation about race, then bemoans any opinion that contradicts the cultural Marxism narrative. Race is the lever the left uses to manipulate the minds of Americans; all the while they insist that race is a mere social construct.

Third, it echoes the cultural Marxism penchant for dividing unto two groups: The oppressed 'people of color' proletariat and the oppressing white bourgeois.

Fourth, it reminds us that we are not the same.

Is diversity our strength?

The answer is relative.

If one is seeking the  muscle to undermine Western culture, then diversity is powerful. If one is seeking to preserve Western culture, then diversity is destructive.

Fifth, it gives the media an excuse to spin Hillary's tumbling poll numbers.

Only 37 percent of white women support Hillary. That must frustrate the predatory left that has invested decades in an effort to convince us that 'women' is synonymous with 'neo-feminism.' Note the left says 'women's issues' as a replacement term of 'neo-feminist agenda.'

Hillary scores a 74 percent favorable rating among the oppressed proletariat; and that only includes females Only the media could pretend such sour numbers are a positive.

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