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October 17, 2015 -- A barbed wire barrier installed at Hungary's crossing with Croatia has redirected Islamic insurgents to cross through Croatia en route to  Germany's generous welfare state.

News reports say 5,000 "migrants" entered Croatia on Saturday, a total of about 190,000 since mid-September.

• The mainstream Marxist media have begun to shy away from the misnomer, "refugees" preferring "migrants" instead. The media are not expected to use accurate terms such as "invaders" or "insurgents".

The media also prefer to project images of Islamic families (see photo above), obscuring the truth that about 75 percent of the Islamic insurgents are young males. The media are also admitting that many of the insurgents are "seeking a better life" and are not necessarily refugees from war and crime.

• The insurgency of millions of Islamic invaders will alleviate the economic disparity between Western and Third-world nations. It will also deplete prosperity.

The predatory left cares nothing about prosperity for humanity; only equality. The cultural thermodynamics caused by the insurgency into Western Europe will hamper the innovation that resulted in less than 10 percent of  humanity living in abject poverty.

• Furthermore the insurgency of Islamic invaders is destroying the cultural character and, consequently, identity of Western Europe. People of European descent wishing to immerse themselves in their ancestral culture by visiting Europe will find themselves, instead, met with Third-world depravity rather than quaint Germanic villages or proper British society.

White visitors to London avoid riding the tradition two-tiered buses that were once a signature of English culture. Such transportation is currently nothing more than a miserable excursion into Third-world stench imposed by insurgents who have no interest in assimilation. Violence and rudeness is also frequently reported.

The objective of cultural Marxism is to severe the psychological connection with our cultural character and ancestry. It is for that reason that cultural Marxism successfully stigmatizes Southern culture as racist by demeaning all aspects of our heritage by demonizing Southern charmer Paula Deen to re-branding the Confederate flag as hate speech.

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The latest news as migrants fleeing war or seeking a better life make their way across Europe by the tens of thousands. All times local.

6:50 p.m.

Croatian police say more than 5,000 migrants have entered the country since Hungary closed its border because of the flow of people hoping to reach Western Europe. Slovenia says it can take about half of the number per day, fueling fears that migrants could get stuck in Croatia or further east in Serbia or Macedonia.

Croatian police also said Saturday a little over 190,000 have come in from Serbia since mid-September. Most have been transferred to Hungary, but Croatia started redirecting them to Slovenia after Hungary placed a barbed-wire fence on the migrant crossing at midnight Friday.

Slovenian Interior Ministry official Bostjan Sefic says "we will accept as many migrants as we can take care of." Several hundred have entered so far, some of whom already have moved on to Austria.

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  1. Migrants? Migrants my A$$! Just call it what it is - and invasion! It's happening in Europe and the United States. How much will the citizens of those countries take before they become completely fed up? It may become open season on politicians very soon.