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October 2, 2015 -- Migrant from Ghana complains that accommodations are "No good." It's too hot. No air-conditioning and (ahem) he doesn't care for Italian cuisine. He requires a comfortable place to live.

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  1. liberal logic please let the rats in they are tired and hungry. then the rats destroy and bring disease and kill then put on a pedestal the big rat behind the curtain laughs through its big nose.

  2. Well, since the place where he is staying is "no good", do you think he and his kind will just pack up and go back where they came from? Why is this even tolerated?

  3. Ghana has no refugee problem, unless you count them fleeing from their own ineptitude and resulting poverty. This sucker never ate as well as when in Italy and he never had A/C before either and Italy isn't nearly as hot or humid as Africa. Just like the negroes here in the US, who need mansions and Cadillacs paid for by welfare and complain when they get arrested or killed committing crimes. Back to Africa with all negroid trash.