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October 13, 2015 -- A young white man lost his life after being hacked to death by a 21-year-old black male.

News reports claim the attack was "random" rather than racist.

The attacker was identified as Thomas Johnson, a former college football player.

Johnson was apparently distressed over being evicted and acted out his frustration by committing a heinous homicide.

The crime occurred in a Northeast Dallas, Tex. park on White Rock Creek Trail.

The crime was reported Oct. 12, 2015.

• When blacks attack whites the media frequently avoid the prospect that the attack could be racially motivated. Rather, the media prefer to refer to such attacks as "random" or claim the victim was "in the wrong place at the wrong time."

When whites attack blacks -- a rare occurrence -- the media promptly evokes suggestions that the attacks were racially motivated.

• Violence in homogeneous white places, such as Iceland, The Isle of Man, The Falkland Islands, and Uruguay -- is almost non-existent. The same is true in most homogeneous East Asian areas such as Japan and South Korea.

Some attribute the non-violent nature of whites and East Asians to elevated intelligence and suggest that whites and East Asians deserve safe places where they can be free from the epidemic of black crime.

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A man tells Dallas police he was angry Monday morning when he picked a jogger at random in a popular Northeast Dallas park and attacked him with a "large-edged weapon," killing him.

An eyewitness to the brutal killing, identified only as Brandon, told NBC 5 he was cycling along the White Rock Creek Trail at Harry Moss Park when he saw a man hacking another man with a machete where the trail passes underneath the Walnut Hill Lane overpass.

During a news conference Monday afternoon, Dallas police Deputy Chief Rob Sherwin said 21-year-old Thomas Johnson admitted to killing a man at the park and then calling 911 from a nearby equestrian center to report a stabbing.

Police confirmed to NBC 5 that Johnson played football at Texas A&M in 2012.

After receiving several reports of a stabbing at the park, emergency responders arrived and transported the victim to nearby Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital where he was pronounced deceased.

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